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How we work

Halsey & Co are a trusted, respected and long established firm.

We believe that we offer the best of both worlds, a friendly yet professional service whilst holding fees at a sensible level. We do this by offering two levels of service – a “minimal” compliance approach, or a value-added advisory service for clients who prefer to remain on the front foot.

We invest in modern, fully integrated IT and staff, making our processes even more streamlined and efficient.

So what does this mean for you? In short, we offer a tailored service specific to your needs.

Clients can contact us and know that even if their preferred contact isn’t available, there’s always a professional team on hand to help with their enquiry. Whether it’s email, telephone or if you prefer to chat face to face, we’ll always try and make time to assist. Because of this approach, we have both national and international clients.

We don’t heavily advertise or market ourselves because in simple terms, we don’t need to and thrive on referrals. That in itself is a testament to the service we offer.

Our Service Levels

In the past few years, the accounting world has changed significantly with new Accounting standards and drastic HMRC reforms. We have moved with the times and offer two key service levels for clients – “compliance” and “value-added advisory”.

The compliance service is a “minimum” package for clients who value box ticking and keeping up to date with tax returns etc. This level of service will suit a client who is more concerned with keeping fees to a minimum whilst discovering their tax liabilities, staying up to date with filing deadlines and HMRC/Companies House requirements.

The advisory service level is where we proactively advise clients as to tax liabilities, possible changes and business performance on a real time basis – putting you on the front foot. This is usually offered via our Cloud Accounting service whereby we automate your book-keeping as far as is possible so that we can focus our efforts on reporting to you on the performance of your business, tax liabilities, supplier balances etc.

There are more companies being formed than ever before and in fact, Companies who use this approach are more than 20 times more likely to still be in existence after their third year.

We find that in fact, we do the compliance side of things so well that it’s often the case that a client will move onto an advisory package.

Halsey and Co - Our fees

Fees and how we charge

We don’t have a minimum fee – we tailor all fees to client needs and budgets.

We do however have extensive experience so can usually give clients an accurate quotation from the outset. If for any reason the services required look set to change, we would seek to be up front about the additional cost at the earliest opportunity.

Because we offer two different service levels, our fees naturally follow and will be quoted according to the work required.

We do find however that we are comparable to other professional firms and in fact, due to our integrated systems etc, our fees are often extremely competitive – even when compared to some online based firms.

What can you expect from us?

  • To be professional in our dealings
  • To be courteous and polite
  • To be fair and honest in our charging and approach
  • A commercial opinion
  • Clear explanations
  • Respond to email and telephone enquiries promptly
  • Turn around accounts/tax/VAT work etc promptly
  • To answer telephone calls

What do we expect from you?

  • Keep your appointment
  • Reply to correspondence promptly and in full
  • Settle fees on time
  • Provide us with all necessary information at one time
  • Keep us abreast of your intentions